Alberta man agrees to trading ban in insider trading settlement

IE Staff ASIC ready to make deals with devils SEC alleges man sold insider trading tips on dark web Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Related news FINRA bans analyst for insider trading The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) has concluded a settlement with DeWinton, Alta. resident Edward Twanow regarding allegations of illegal insider trading in Berens Energy Ltd. shares. Under the settlement agreement, Twanow has agreed to a permanent ban on trading in or purchasing of securities and exchange contracts, and to pay the ASC $20,500 plus $3,000 in costs. Share this article and your comments with peers on social media In the settlement agreement, Twanow acknowledged he purchased 20,000 shares of Berens Energy on Dec. 23, 2009, following a discussion he had with his son, James Twanow. In that discussion, James Twanow, an engineering consultant at PetroBakken Energy Ltd., informed his father that he had been put on a non-routine blackout list at PetroBakken in connection with a transaction with Berens Energy. On Jan. 5, 2010, the day after the PetroBakken/Berens Energy deal was announced to the public, Edward Twanow sold all 20,000 Berens Energy shares for a profit of $10,600. Keywords Insider tradingCompanies Alberta Securities Commission read more

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