Lockdown Hacks- Lockdown is for real

first_imgSince the time we have been in lockdown our Prime Minister Mr Modi has been coming up with some engaging activities… like applauding from your terraces or balconies  at 5 pm for 5 mins and wow what a view it was the entire nation came together applauding hooting shankhs  and ringing bells , banging on plates .. I literally had goosebumps at that particular moment  .and was so overwhelmed that tears rolled down  from eyes.That how as a nation we stood in unity .. as one applauding for our front-liners. And then the next campaign he came up with switching of all the lights and lighting  Diya’s / flash lights or torchlight at 9 pm for 9 mins .. and what an eye catching and overwhelming view it was people coming out of their homes in their balconies / terraces / patios and lighting Diya’s candles with sound of Arti’s and Gayatri mantras to be heard all around …creating such spiritual vibrations all around.What’s is this man trying? I feel he is playing a life coach for the entire nation he knows how to hit the emotional quotient . He is wiring our minds such that we see the good side of the difficult situation . He is telling us not to let fear and insecurity creep in .. if we do , it will start reflecting in our personality and attitude. It takes 21 days to form a habit and if we let fear and uncertainty be constantly on our mind , this means we are training our mind to be fearsome and negative .. so our PM in his own  way is telling each one of us have faith this too shall pass..This 70 year old man has created a path for all of us by monitoring our minds such that each one is following the guidelines and trying to make the environment a safe place to be .. this is for sure once this lockdown ends none of us will come out as the same person .. this lockdown is going to change us for sure .So you better put some thoughts here:Protect your mind and personalityDiscipline vs DistractionFreedom after LockdownRe-think and Re-imagine your work , your operating basis and your future.Friend & Guide,Neetu BhandariFollow my Instagram & Facebooklast_img read more

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