Wales diversification model – Disaster or mismanagement

first_imgDear Editor,As we progress into 2017, we bear witness to a roll-out of the “New GuySuCo” concept, a brainchild of the Guyana Sugar Corporation’s (GuySuCo) Chief Executive Officer. This “New GuySuCo” concept speaks to sugar production and a diversification division with focus on aquaculture, fruit crops, dairy farming, livestock farming and rice cultivation. Wales Estate was identified in 2015/16 as the ideal location to commence implementation of this model. At that stage, one would assume that any competent designer of such a plan must have considered all factors that will allow for seamless transfer of remaining canes from Wales cultivation to Uitvlugt factory and conversion of abandoned cane fields at Wales to rice plots and fish ponds. In September 2016, Agriculture Minister Noel Holder gave assurances that the diversification plan is on schedule. Refer to SN, 09/23/2016- “Agri Minister, team visit Wales Estate to inspect diversification steps”.The recent protests by my fellow brothers and sisters of Wales Estate brings into focus, the progress made on the diversification plan at Wales Estate. From all indications, the road to transport canes to Uitvlugt is incomplete, lifting equipment to transfer canes from trailers to factory conveyors at Uitvlugt is incomplete, fish ponds are nowhere in sight and there is change from rice to seed paddy cultivation on a few acres of land. Editor, the physical appearance of things at Wales bears resemblance to gross mismanagement at best and colossal disaster at worst. Maybe, GuySuCo can provide an update on progress with the respective ventures in the Wales diversification plan. After all, it is the model recommended to lift GuySuCo from bankruptcy to financial viability. The CEO needs to update his paymasters, i.e., the taxpayers of this country periodically. He has a moral obligation to this because we provide him an estimated package of G$60 million +/yr and we must not be treated with contempt.Sincerely,Sookram Persaudlast_img read more

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