School attendance at Zeelugt dismal

first_imgDear Editor,With the recent opening of the new school term, many children can be seen eager to go school. Yet in the community of Zeelugt, East Bank Essequibo, Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara), it is not so. It seems that the children in this community have a tendency of not liking school, therefore their attendance is poor. To come to the conclusion of what might be the factors that hinder their attendance is a mystery in the making.One afternoon on my way home from work I stopped and asked some of them the reason why they did not go to school and some of their answers were alarming. Some said that their parents didn’t want them to go, but rather stay home. Some of them said that they have financial difficulties at home.Being able to attend school should not be a problem here in Guyana since our education system caters for everyone. The habit of being able to attend school keeps our youth out of trouble and from breaking the laws. If one is to sit and relate where the productivity of the village Zeelugt is heading, it is disastrous. For most of the years gone by, many of the youth are involved in crimes and negative activities. It’s a matter of urgent concern which needs to be addressed. So I am calling on the relevant authorities whether the Guyana Police Force or the Education Ministry to intervene so as to resolve this matter.Sincerely,I Bechamlast_img read more

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