Birth of COVID-19

first_img13 years ago, there was a prediction of the birth of the Coronavirus in China, it has to be ignored, now the public is worried. The coronavirus, which started from Wuhan in China, has now shaken the whole world. Millions of people have been affected by this Pandemic.But do you know that scientists in Hong Kong warned about this virus 13 years ago? But at that time no one paid heed to them and the result was that the neighboring countries of the world are in the grip of this virus. In this case, a report was submitted by 4 Scientists from Hong Kong in which they clearly stated that a stork-like virus can take birth from Chinese wildlife.In this subject, renowned institutes like the Punjab University of India and National Institutes of Pharmaceutical Education and Research have said that if attention was given beforehand, the whole world would not have to see these conditions. On April 12, 2007, 4 scientists from the University of Hong Kong prepared a research report in which they had already told about the birth of this coronavirus. This report was also published in the American Society for Micro Biology.According to this report, scientists had said that in 2002 virus-like SARS originated from China’s wildlife market and COVID virus can spread through bats, etc. Its current name is COVID-19. Scientists have also said that this virus will be much more powerful than any other virus that wildlife has generated for its protection. Now many reputed institutes of India say that at that time the attention of scientists was not given, the result of which we are all suffering today.last_img read more

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