Shanghai Longfeng standard optimization Website Construction of advanced articles

3, sub page set up to pay attention to the following:

database is set to explain in detail involves much more knowledge, here is mainly to explain the web page title, keywords and description of the content setting. Provide 2 sets of ideas here:

2) page within the same level of the page links. For example, product display page and the article page is a list of the same level, product details and the details are at the same level, so there can be linked to the product display page links in the list page, the details page should have a similar article links and product details of the link, and vice versa. The purpose of doing this is to make the website internal link flow; read more

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Engine punishment mechanism and coping strategies of Shanghai Dragon Master comprehensive analysis o

2. core keywords to be punished. Is the site of the main key words have been punished, and other keywords and long tail keywords ranking is normal. This is the time to consider is not your website external links too much, or is not spam links, external links anchor text inside this high concentration is the main reason. To do is external link optimization to moderate, anchor text should be diluted, not all the anchor text was that a few words, the amount of focus on, search engine will feel more natural. read more

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