How to get out of the web site keywords ranking real cycle

cheating technology, such as the black chain, the chain chain, buy a lot of garbage;


for the majority of the Shanghai dragon er who believe that you would have had this experience, to optimize the one or two months or even longer in the site, dedicated to the broken heart, while the keyword ranking is not moving, let people feel puzzled and frustrated at the same time, the more is the boundless despair, even have doubts about Shanghai dragon, can not say the keyword ranking to the home page, is the heart of all Shanghai Longfeng webmaster pain, but the pain again, do not find the reasons, find a method or not, because it is still not go. read more

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Make love seven day snapshot Shanghai

Links greatly influence the snapshot, as you all know, I in the snapshot slow, when a chain exchange with others, I would like to change included a lot less, snapshot good, and not quite, but so few people willing to change, brought to the site effect will be minimal. I bought a 1,2 snapshot of high quality, good friend chain to drive the website snapshot, the effect is very good, just need some money every month, but to give the benefits of the website, not worth mentioning. Buy 2, 3 Shanghai, love can not be found, not right down, many good friends of the chain will be a tragedy, one is enough, my friend’s Web site, and included the chain is very few, but there is a 5 of the weight of the website to bring him a snapshot, never dropped, so here to remind you can not be too much. read more

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Novice Webmaster how to improve the site weight of love Shanghai

Without the importance of the

1 love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm 2.0

on persistence, not three days fishing nets two days of drying, adhere to the content is king, only insist to make your site powerful, if you love Shanghai every day to climb can feel the fresh blood into, you do not love, how can the snapshot is not up, the same readers love, flow in the holidays, the webmaster don’t forget to update the website, you should know that love can not leave Shanghai reptile. And do regular updates, find your site crawl time, a long time, the search will naturally give score. read more

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Novice to understand website is in front of the choice

website development to a certain extent, we will certainly must expand the existing business scope, but this time the problem came to expand the scale of website is based on the column page or two level domain name? Because the two have different advantages and disadvantages, if it is based on the column page, it will be revision of the website to a certain extent, will affect the stability of the site, and based on the two level domain name, although do not have a certain impact on the station, but this is a new field, we should regard as a new sites to do, energy consumption is relatively large, and the examination time is long, the weight is relatively lower than the main site. So we face the additional plate should not be too tangled, mainly to see their effort on it. read more

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Links exchange three elements let the website in

Links for web site overall weight lifting and keywords ranking to the crucial role for this knowledge is also the previous exchange links such as a commonplace talk of an old scholar, mainly to see each other’s PR value, included in the site, a snapshot of the site, the chain number and so on, from these to judge whether a site suitable for us to exchange, but we found that this method is sometimes not very reasonable, first some data of the website, such as PR, etc. These are included in the site can only reflect the characteristics of a website, can not explain this website must be suitable to our website, some websites have a special Links a site specialist, a bit "abnormal" phenomenon has been revoked, and some is not the integrity of the exchange links, make up after two or three days after withdrawal Out of all of our sites are unfavorable, so in order to better their website development, here I summed up the three elements of the exchange links: read more

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Novice how to quickly master the knowledge of Shanghai Dragon

2 has a good mind, [], just contact, what is fresh, to chat and go to blog, feel Shanghai dragon is actually such thing. My heart began to think so frivolous impetuous, simple good do wow · · blind positioning station, no goal, no cause website ranking, not heavy, even by the K, suddenly fell to the bottom. This time to adjust their mentality, the courage to face the pressure of competition, willing to make efforts, adhere to learning thought knowledge. Each carefully handled the case, the accumulation of practical experience; down-to-earth, striving to improve. read more

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The second home 18 days included in the page diary

when doing a website first to observe and statistical user needs to be a good site useful to the user site, we must first understand what is the industry or the keywords the user needs, the user clicks on the trend of what must be done, the added value of ascension, when you grasp the needs of users, so to increase the added value of him so you’ll catch user traffic do " cool ".

, Shenzhen, after moving too far, Linfen, Jilin, Changchun these local search volume is the largest, so our users may be do these areas. We understand their own products according to this analysis is correct, such as the production of the most of the remaining customers it must be thrown. read more

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The webmaster to pay attention to whether the relationship between the love of Shanghai

webmaster for website related content is easy to understand, the correlation content is for the website content, content is divided into very relevant, general, not related. Then love Shanghai give the weight of these samples sites are different, I see the website content webmasters are not relevant, such as: the web content is obviously on the "hair" content, but the content is not a station, collect some content about the emotion class, then love Shanghai spiders don’t grab, may be directly put it in the sandbox or directly by K. So the webmaster do stand, must be content related, or at any time is K ready. read more

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Opportunities and challenges for webmasters to start their business on the nternetLine created this

statistical data compiled by Bloomberg show that if Line achieve the goal in the IPO, which will become the largest IPO this year, science and technology enterprise scale, bring a rare bright spot for the IPO market approach death. Although the world has more than 160 private company valuation reached or even exceeded $1 billion, but this year the science and technology enterprises in the IPO, there is no company financing more than $150 million.

said that the Internet business, attractive, is an opportunity, but with the challenge, but also to share my understanding of the Internet business read more

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Meditation of user experience is the site of the road win

third user browsing depth is not high

Our website

site traffic is not high, it is very likely to be our promotion is not big enough, or our website ranking is not very good, but for the main keywords ranking. If the front has ten love Shanghai, even if it is a natural ranking, also do not bring too much traffic. So, we need to do is only.

second user viscosity is not high

you can see from the above diagram, the website can have keywords to flow is not too high, and the site traffic sources is not through a large number of long tail words transformed, is only a small amount of long tail keywords bring traffic, but there are some traffic flow is the main keywords bring. I think this is the website user experience problems. read more

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