The WordPress independent blog optimization

more and more people join the ranks of Shanghai dragon, which is a large part of no website production technology rookie Shanghai dragon er. However, there are more and more people began to have their own independent blog, and most of the independent blog using both WordPress and Z-blog open source program built. As a member of the Shanghai dragon Er rookie, although he will make a technology ", only to a point of web technology, still cannot build a powerful independent blog. So, choose a powerful open source wordpress. Why? There are two reasons: 1.wordpress is a dedicated blog program.2.wordpress is a very friendly to the search engine program, with the program, as long as the content is not a problem, we do not have to worry about the problem of.Z-Blog open source web site currently no practice, no experience, do not discuss. read more

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The new version of App Store, optimization search rankings than what is more important

2, Download conversion are the three major factors:

went to the year, the thought in the beginning of cattle in front of the investors. How do the second half promotion operation? How to improve product download conversion rate? For a long time to promote ROI Zeyang? How to enhance the user growth and revenue growth?

stands in the angle of CP is required to think more, catch is not equal to the conversion rate, result oriented, the search rankings and download the transformation as a whole to think, this is a year-end bonus, job promotion, the company is financing a thickness. read more

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Analysis of the latest Shanghai dragon black hat Technology advanced application traffic hijacking

uses this black hat technology, combined with the flow of the hands of the station, we can easily and secretly hijack user flow to achieve the purpose of marketing or Shanghai dragon. But after all, this is a black hat technology, search engine in progress every day, the black hat life cycle is very short, so we do not recommend to use bamboo.

author Nantong Shanghai Dragon (www.banzhu Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝) a branch, starting A5, reproduced please specify.

then why did this happen? Looks like love of Shanghai was his control? The owner made a careful analysis of his website source code, find the bottom refers to a JS file, click into place after the point into, this original is very simple, this is the Shanghai dragon flow hijacking technology application. read more

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Arrangement and function of examples to explain the anchor text in the station outside the station i

for medical Shanghai dragon, in the optimization and promotion work, the construction of the link is essential. However, for connection, against the anchor text has many doubts. For this, I have to share with us what is the anchor text today, the role of the anchor text, anchor text in medical articles specifically how to layout

We know that the

anchor text link text: add anchor text is published at the station. Is the essence of the website optimization, simply, the anchor text is "the link with the text". Can be a word, a group of words, can be internal or external links links. According to the Shanghai love content capture principle, an assessment can be used as the anchor text of the page content. Because, normally, increase the link page will have a certain relationship with the content of the page itself. Therefore, the major role of the anchor text. read more

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Keywords Lifeline website optimization to achieve the optimal effect

choose a huge number of search keywords, it is better to choose a high conversion rate less search keywords, especially on the product website, so a lot of artificial customer service can save the expenditure, can make the website more efficient division of

Shanghai Longfeng

, how to select the optimal

!The importance of

home key number of the best control in three to three below, this weight can focus on the site keywords optimization, have a positive effect on the website, once too many keywords can lead to weight concentration, any one of the words can not get good rankings read more

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How to share your love of Shanghai know fast home

this is a very important link. We have a lot of friends in the group reaction questions will be deleted. I have encountered this problem. May be because our industry is more sensitive. They do care, and I do is SMS SMS software, this sensitive word. Especially after a few days ago the country under the approval of Shanghai, in love know is the biggest problem is reflected on the second answer is to delete, delete seconds. But after a few attempts and adjustment, I found some tricks. Inside here is the biggest trick is supplementary. Want to do the home page, so your question must meet your keywords, but also will not be deleted. So we must say something inside in question. The word such as sms. I was in the supplementary question if such as we are in the XXX industry, I would like to ask those SMS company SMS is reliable. The required quantity is relatively large, qualified, professional service. Must be calm when asked, not contrived to do a few key words superimposed. Never once an account IP to do a similar question too much. The best 2 to 3 questions for a ID a IP. One day not to mention similar problems. read more

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Drowning fish hidden links found on the chain of

is different from the first two, because it has no hidden words in the article, just like the other color set to the color of the text, like normal text, do not put up the mouse is very difficult to find a link.

in the forum you will sometimes see a final article or other places, there are some very small dots, when put up the mouse will find this is a link, it is conceivable, it proved that the phrase "not only did not".


and I just started doing some similar work, I also asked a lot of people, which belongs to the hidden links, no one answer. Then they checked some information, also know some, I understand the hidden links is difficult for users to see the link below, talk about some I often see the hidden links: read more

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Explain the 7 classification information platform features of power network promotion

can be said to be a very magical place, Xiao Bian had above "share seven common chain delivery platform and skills" said Tianya quiz on the chain effect is good, but better. Another product Tianya Tianya classification information also have such effect, the platform on the chain is more casual, a lot of classified information platform for information dissemination must be selected for classification, otherwise will no doubt, but the classification information can be randomly selected random hair. A little at the daily limit, each plate issued a limit, speed is not fast, one minute one, the network popularization personnel quickly to slow down. read more

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Each site needs to build their own specific user groups

friends you website user stickiness? A time will come second times? If it is, then you have to create their own specific user groups. If not, then you need to consider how to build a website for their loyal user groups. General according to this observation, has a specific user group website is difficult to go beyond the. I say is difficult to surpass refers to the Shanghai dragon above, such as you do Dongguan wedding photography, people search Dongguan wedding not something else into your website website directly, since many years are so, so in this case, it is not easy to other sites you want to go beyond. Because the search engines pay special attention to customer loyalty to the website. read more

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Enterprise how to do well in web content optimization

two: the contents of the several

1) content range:

product evaluation, use, installation, technology, life inspiration, 10 pieces of content must have at least 7~8 can bring traffic flow, can not contribute to the basic value, the enterprise itself very few people read the station. (how we can get traffic will be mentioned below write articles).

stand for the enterprise, inside the content of this article is an indispensable component of the boring properties in view of enterprise web content, as a responsible enterprise website content editing the daily articles and other friends can be described as "too", then the day in front of a corporate website to write really so difficult? read more

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