Taobao banned Baidu crawlers grab the real intention of the page

recently, Taobao announced the ban Baidu reptiles crawl Taobao pages, what is the purpose of the author’s analysis of the following reasons:

1, Taobao announced shielding, think themselves omnipotent. Taobao is powerful, but don’t forget that Baidu is also powerful. If Taobao is the gateway to online shopping, Baidu is a distribution center for Chinese Web traffic.

2, Alibaba and Taobao are interested in search engines.

is not difficult to find, in fact, Alibaba and Taobao’s SEO are doing very well. If you really think that you have been strong enough to do without the search engine, you can not do so hard to optimize the search engine. read more

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Taobao day 200 webmaster actual combat experience sharing

maybe you see this article, you and I am also guest. So congratulations to you, if your station has not yet achieved stable profit, it is suitable for you to look at the text I wrote the following. First, let me briefly tell my guest experience:

himself started contacting Taobao in 2010 and October, and later studied SEO, web code, and PS, which took more than 1 years (completely from scratch), into various training courses, and bought domain names and spaces. A lot of Taobao customers are actually coming this way. Do you have? This road kankankeke, go hard, but persevered, and basically realized stable profit. But this kind of insistence is not "accidental", and it is the result of diligent thinking. read more

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Four years to take a sweeping alley in the winter of the pure literature website

remember the night of November 23, 2005, a simple site built with the red bird’s self help site program was born in just a few minutes. The site was then created by a very stingy name – Songxian reading network. Because it uses free space and programs, the original purpose of the creator is to play with it. At first it was just filling in some articles written by the founders themselves and friends.


has made the station, must advertise. In the local media, a little publicity, even there are one or two people who like literature added to the. And a hair is a pile. And then a ten, ten hundred, in the following two years, gradually have hundreds of thousands of people to come. So the site was renamed a literary network. The first is Songxian literature network, too stingy, to elegant Luoyang, is still too stingy. The founder of ambition is more and more big, want to do the station, then changed to sweep the flower alley. Now, it’s a brief process, and it seems to take a lot of luck, but only the creator knows how much effort he has invested. read more

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How to build the early stage of website development

early stage

early on the site is relatively large amount of investment, the need for space, domain name, site source code. Anything else can have a big impact on the development of the site. Just as hao22 existed in the early days of being a virtual host, under this premise, your website development has created a limitation. Because the virtual host itself is limited to your site space, so that site development limited within a circle.

space has a lot of selectivity, such as virtual host, VPN, server and foreign space server. For the choice of space, is a website development foundation, also is a website development goal goal foundation. Select a virtual host space and independent server host, the virtual host tens of thousands of traffic, so that your web site development can not go on, and the server can withstand your site millions of traffic. A foundation determines the future development of the web site. The choice of space is ultimately based on the goals of the site’s development. Because the server replacement and IP replacement will adversely affect website optimization and engine friendliness. read more

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Analysis of nine pieces of mail talking about the way of website operation

nine: mail will collect the whole network of 9.9 yuan shipping baby every day. Provide exclusive super awesome 9.9 yuan shipping. Designed to facilitate users to quickly find nine pieces of nine packs of mail baby, without having to search everywhere in Taobao. On 10 o’clock every day. We all know that Taobao has a lot of products is the price of cabbage, but also a lot of girls love to Taobao around, see what’s on sale, even if not demand love to go shopping, stroll around suddenly on the order. But many people don’t know how to search for the price of cabbage. Although Taobao also has a lot of discount promotion platform, but what prices are there, with nine post positioning is not the same, so nine post a launch is very popular with girls. Now let me tell you some of my opinions about this kind of project, read more

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How should WeChat’s public numbers face the market’s major disarmament

The development is

since last year, WeChat public subscription number is on the sky, is mainly based on the attributes of the different appeared different categories of public numbers, this is the result of blossom everywhere making public number platform constitute a huge information exchange network, so that the pattern fully displayed in the mobile client. Some of the public and Internet sites compared to the trend of speculation can dominate the world, new horizons will usher in the mobile network, has been building a piece of meat to civil, the fear of late, it is after all in the second half of last year to show the most incisive overnight. WeChat public crashed, the total number of nearly six million, is constantly increasing. read more

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Luxury site you Changba me play whether it will repeat the mistakes of group purchase

2011 group buying market can be described as "barbaric growth", the large group buying site competition is fierce, small and medium-sized buy site "shuffle" under the elimination of nothing left. The spread of e-commerce in the industry has come to the pessimistic thoughts of winter. And on the other side, the plight of luxury websites more people feel that the domestic electricity supplier market is full of "bubble."".

At the end of

, two luxury websites closed read more

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April Fool’s day, Baidu is kidding me

it’s so weird today. Baidu knows it’s April Fool’s day and plays jokes on me. Here’s the thing:

a station "my customer network", was established in December last year, the basic original, are their own coinage, at least pseudo original. Baidu soon included. IP several.

this winter vacation back to school soon found in several Baidu keyword ranked in the top three, all no, ran on page seventh, and I am sad, IP is full of Google, in the forum disseminated for a long time, want to build a website, exactly the same, then get a space, good procedures, update 20 articles, these articles are basically copied from the school library books should belong to the original. Finish these, and feel not much significance, do not want to get this site. A few days later, the website was closed by me. read more

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How to open a small jewelry store to prepare what work

small adorn article although the price is not expensive, but the demand is large, the profit space is broad, so open a small jewelry store is also good. If you intend to start a business, you can consider opening a small jewelry store, master the skills to shop, you can easily get started.

want in the shortest time to guarantee their mastery of profit situation in the small jewelry market, need to be prepared, entrepreneurship is not a simple process, the complex and hard lot,   and many investors may be most worried about is he never engaged in related and jewelry industry, he is also engaged in other the store will not be affected. For small adorn article of the project is not an easy to join the project, so investors need to do what is ready to open a small jewelry store? read more

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Cao Cao example analysis of a good domain name on the importance of the site

webmaster friends know, Google in technology and character are far more than Baidu, but why Google in China has been playing Baidu, but many people want to say, is Google don’t understand chinese. That’s just Baidu’s bluff. "We know Chinese better. Don’t take it seriously.".

said that if Google does not understand marketing (Marketing China) almost every day in Shanghai, how many companies will be Baidu phone harassment, a decoration company of our newly established group website, I have just one day on-line, sent a message to the market online, Baidu will immediately call. In Baidu on a popular word, take "Shanghai decoration company" this word, Baidu home front ten results are promotion links, the right side is more. Sometimes I think, Baidu is almost with many of our grassroots Adsense garbage station almost, all advertising. Google did not. So why is Google so good, Baidu so bad, Baidu users still so much, read more

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