The couple insist on the development of tails joint venture street stalls become self brand

both husband and wife to start a business, but also a lot of young people’s choice. Xiaobian survey learned that the couple shop is the initial form of many small and medium entrepreneurs, Liang Suping and Geng Junjie is such a couple of joint venture.

"actually our first project if you persist to the present, should have been a success." At the beginning, the big man Geng Junjie is the home of the "steering wheel", was a little anxious although he high efficiency, but the total love for the runway, to start a business for ten years, he changed jobs several times "with Liang Suping". read more

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Yunnan institution personnel leave 3 years to retain personnel relations

with the country’s support for entrepreneurship, the country also launched a corresponding support policies to support entrepreneurship. In order to implement the opinions of the people’s Government of Yunnan Province on promoting the healthy and stable development of the province’s economy, recently, the Provincial Department of human resources and social services issued a steady growth of 10 measures. Provincial Department of human resources and Social Department of the relevant departments on the specific content of these policies and specific actions were interpreted. read more

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Operating stationery store location must be accurate

stationery industry is indeed very fierce competition, although the successful operation of a store will involve a lot of skills. However, if you want to open a good shop, naturally also need to have a correct location. So, operating a stationery shop, the site must be accurate, so as to ensure the successful operation of the stationery store.

Li Xiaoxi’s seven straight chain stores, there are open in the vicinity of the school, there are open in the business district or administrative district, every family business. In addition to supply is fine, select the right location. read more

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Rural entrepreneurship classic project recommended

in the vast rural areas, now entrepreneurial activities have become commonplace, and entrepreneurship in rural areas, the choice of the project is a very important thing, now the rural area has a lot of good business projects to choose, what are the specific?

centralized gas supplyThe status quo of rural city of

will change the farmers scattered in the gas concentration, possible. With straw made of straw gas for cooking, not only solves the problem of straw burning pollution of the atmosphere, and can save a lot of cooking costs, a straw gas equipment per hour can produce 300 square straw gas, almost can meet the needs of a village cook. read more

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Specialty snacks need to pay attention to what Entrepreneurship

snacks is a favorite food, but the characteristics of snacks by a lot of people’s favorite, then if you want to carry out the characteristics of snacks business, what should we pay attention to? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

note 1: to introduce a special snack, should be based on the original hotel for carrying stores, as the characteristics of the project introduction, not as sure as a gun not suitable separate shop; or only to the hotel after the production, wholesale delivery; another kind is to join the company, the manufacturer for the ready-made stall stall business. read more

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How to make the brand The weak overcame the strong..

if you don’t strong is likely to be eliminated in this world as we all know, particularly suitable for use in the market, the domestic market in recent years, scraping out entrepreneurial hot storm, more and more people choose their own boss, also appeared on the market a lot of diverse franchise brand. However, those small brands can not let more people understand, so they survive in the market is very difficult, so how to make the brand The weak overcame the strong. in market competition? Here we have some experience in the survival and development of small and medium enterprises. read more

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China top 500 enterprises forum held in Nanning

with the development of the social economy of the whole country, the domestic large-scale enterprise development, more and more influence in the international market is bigger, also attracted some foreign enterprises attention recently, Chinese Fortune 500 forum held in Nanning.

8 22, "The Belt and Road: as the new" new opportunities for large enterprises as the theme of the 2015 Chinese Fortune 500 Forum opened in Nanning. Vice chairman of the Tenth CPPCC National Committee, China Enterprises Association President Wang Zhongyu keynote report at the meeting, Party Secretary of the autonomous region, autonomous region people’s Congress Chairman Mr Peng Qinghua, chairman of the autonomous region, Chen Wu attended the meeting. read more

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Regular steps to open a noodle shop

noodle shop is very common, the same business district, there are a number of noodle shop is not surprising. Although the market is relatively saturated, but the demand is also very large, so the investment is also very good to open a noodle shop. So how should we start investing? If you are not very clear about this problem, you can look at it.

The first step: choose store >

The second step: read more

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Meng Yanli eggs to attract customers to do business

for any business in any of the current industry, one of the biggest trouble is probably so attractive to customers. In fact, different shopkeepers have their own business strategy, the following, let Xiaobian with everyone to know how Meng Yan is to attract customers to see if she has a coup.

has several years of experience in running a supermarket, and over the years, I have accumulated a number of ways to attract customers. For example, my approach is to use the egg to attract customers in the supermarket, the egg is a kind of special commodity, say the reason is because I never earn egg money, but I can use the egg to make money. For the sale of eggs, my approach is to go to the original price, many customers and peers do not understand, do not understand the purpose of doing so. read more

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Tea shop how to make more money

can be said that no one would think too much money, so if you can grasp the relevant business strategy, will allow the shop to create higher economic income. Tea is a health care product of more than two thousand years in china. And the average profit of tea in about three hundred percent. High grade tea profits are higher. If you open the tea shop is really a very good shop project. So, how to open a tea shop to make money?

a tea shop to find tea for many years, the quality of tea, the price are very understanding of the different tea, tea, tea is also very familiar with. Looking for wholesale tea variety, price, quality assurance, and at the end of two days of arrival to open a tea shop. read more

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