Provincial Center Group held a seminar

9 on the morning of 27 July, the provincial Party Central Committee held a seminar, invited the China Insurance Regulatory Commission party secretary Xiang Junbo, chairman of the special counseling report. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, governor Hao Peng attended the Provincial Standing Committee, executive vice governor presided over the meeting, presided over by the president of the CPC Central Committee, the provincial governor, vice governor of the provincial Party committee, deputy governor of the. read more

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Qinghai province will be held in 2016, the financial forum and free trade zone – Chinese enterprises

sponsored by the provincial government, the provincial finance office hosted the 2016 Qinghai financial forum and free trade zone – Chinese enterprises’ going out ’50 forum summer forum will be held in the provincial Conference Center on June 7th. This forum aims to implement the "The Belt and Road" national strategy, in order to supply side structural reform as the main line, play to the financial support of our province structural adjustment and economic restructuring, boosting the construction of our province "three areas". The forum invited to the deputy director of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee of the State Department counselor Yifu Lin, Wu Xiaoling, counselor of the State Council Tang Min and other famous experts and scholars attended, with "green, inclusive, the Silk Road as the theme for a keynote speech. read more

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Xining City, held a statistical geographic information system acceptance demonstration

April 18th, held in Xining statistical geographic information system acceptance demonstration

4 18, held in Xining statistical geographic information system acceptance demonstration. Provincial Bureau of statistics Hou Bibo attended the meeting. Deputy director, deputy director of the Provincial Bureau of statistics the number of director Ma Xiaohong, director of the census management center director Zhang Lansheng, Municipal Bureau of statistics Shen Hongliang, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, Municipal Bureau of statistics, Li Jianqing Wang Zhigong Li Xuehu, the Municipal Finance Bureau of economic construction department director Wei Mingjie attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Zhao Qiurong, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of statistics. Project acceptance team members from Qinghai Normal University, Qinghai Provincial Department of land and resources, the Qinghai Provincial Bureau of statistics, the Xining Institute of Surveying and mapping experts. read more

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Spring Festival Golden Week 110 thousand people travel to Xining to achieve total tourism income of

February 25th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau, this year, Xining city during the Spring Festival Golden Week tourists 110 thousand and 700 passengers, total tourism revenue of $66 million.

from February 9th to 15 during the Spring Festival Golden Week, Xining tourist reception volume grew by 7.48%, total tourism revenue grew by 14.62%. Among them, the reception of overnight tourists 28 thousand and 400 passengers, a day trip tourists 81 thousand and 900 passengers, tourists are still based in the province of tourists, foreign tourists less. In addition, people’s Park Ice fair, wild zoo row lightshows, Dan Gar city folk performing arts and other characteristics of cultural activities, greatly increasing the tourist attraction, during the golden week ticket revenue 1 million 27 thousand yuan. (author: Ma Rong) read more

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Xining City North District People’s Congress website opened operation

August 24th, the North City People’s Congress Standing Committee website opened to run, which is the city’s first family standing committee website. The site has a number of columns, such as the work of the NPC’s work, supervision, appointment and removal of the election, motion proposals, the Standing Committee bulletin, memorabilia, and the establishment of the people’s Congress mailbox. Website domain name, people’s Congress mailbox [email protected]
site opened, the new position will open up the publicity system of people’s Congress and the work of the NPC on the Internet, to build a new platform for the North City NPC Standing Committee Propaganda, contact and communication, the new bridge in close contact with the deputies and the people. The District People’s Congress can better understand the feelings of the people, reflecting public opinion, pool their wisdom, democratic and scientific to promote the work of the NPC; further improve the transparency of the work of the NPC, openness, to make it more representative, close to the masses, to accept the supervision of the NPC deputies and the broad masses of the people; to expand people’s the right to know, to promote people to actively participate in the management of state affairs, to further strengthen the construction of socialist democratic politics in our region. At the same time, the North District People’s Congress Standing Committee will be to carry out a wide range of carrier sites, with the standing around the exchange activities, actively learn from the advanced experience of the standing around, and constantly improve the North District People’s Congress Standing Committee work.
in the future, the web, hope the District People’s government and its departments, District People’s court, the people’s Procuratorate, towns (street) on behalf of the contact group, and group activities on behalf of the region at all levels of people’s Congress, to actively perform their duties on behalf of opinions and suggestions, the website submitted for deliberation opinions, and on behalf of activities, inspection, examination and training the reception, debriefing, voters, and the people’s Congress system, the work of the NPC theoretical research aspect information, research reports, pictures, etc. on behalf of style, and jointly promote the website construction, comprehensively promote the NPC Standing Committee and the government and the. read more

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Rabies vaccine in designated hospitals in our city

reporter from the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission learned that, according to the relevant provisions of the city, the third people’s Hospital of Xining City, East District of Dongguan Street Community Health Service Center, Chengzhong District Nanchuan Road community health service center, West District, West Street Community Health Service Center, North Bridge District Community Health Service Center for immunization units designated Purified Hamster Kidney Cell Rabies Vaccine. Responsible for consultation and vaccination work all to the clinic requirements of Purified Hamster Kidney Cell Rabies Vaccine were suitable for vaccination. read more

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Xining thorough investigation of the masses around the four winds problem

In July 3rd, the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection held the city discipline inspection and supervision organs of the masses around the "four winds" and the problem of corruption clues will seriously deal with the supervision and coordination, can occur in people around the "four winds" and corruption, earnestly problems supervision and coordination work arrangements.

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The next two years, the city’s energy-saving target of 8.17%

In order to build a green city, in recent years, the city has made a series of efforts. To ensure the successful completion of the next two years, energy saving and emission reduction tasks, the city will be the next two years to determine the energy saving target of 8.17%, an average annual decline of more than 4.1%. It is understood, according to the actual completion of three years ago, I identified the next two years energy-saving target of 8.17%, average annual decline of more than 4.1%; by 2015, the city’s major pollutants COD, ammonia nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions were controlled within 47 thousand and 500 tons, 4 thousand and 900 tons, 91 thousand and 400 tons, 70 thousand tons of goals. It is reported that, in order to achieve the above objectives and tasks, the city will accelerate the pace of industrial restructuring, increase the intensity of low-carbon emission reduction projects in key areas of energy saving carbon reduction, promote market-oriented energy-saving emission reduction mechanism. Focus on industrial, construction, transportation, public institutions in the field of energy conservation work to ensure the completion of energy-saving targets and tasks. Low carbon emission reduction on EIA constraints, desulfurization and denitrification, urban sewage treatment projects, renovation and elimination of coal-fired boilers, yellow cars and old vehicles, Huangshui River Basin water pollution control and air pollution prevention and control work, to ensure the completion of emission reduction and low carbon target.   read more

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Qinghai Tibet Plateau permafrost 30 years retreat 16%

From China Academy of Sciences Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research News: long term remote sensing and ground monitoring shows that in the past 30 years, the permafrost area of Qinghai Tibet Plateau reduced from 1 million 500 thousand square kilometers to 1 million 260 thousand square kilometers, a decrease of 16%.

was frozen Qinghai Tibet Railway faces the "world class" problem, the railway builders to overcome this problem, traffic smoothly has also been 8 years ago. The Qinghai Tibet railway company recently announced that since the opening of the railway, Golmud to Lhasa section of frozen section line hundreds of kilometers of basic stability, the design did not exceed 50 mm in 99.5% of the settlement of roadbed frozen section of the allowable value, Tibet train running smoothly.   read more

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