Webmaster rookie Adsense progress will go to 10 websites

first IT Webmaster:


Webmaster Station, figure Wang webmaster, a generation of old timers, you may not know, now the information is publicity, big bird is doing. To the webmaster and rookie a lot of teaching, the main Adsense article, gold content is good, hit 8.5 points. Rookie can see, but can not believe all, do not believe in books as good as no books. The forums are great, but there are too many cheats.


Adsense tribe.. It’s also from a generation older generation. Now the chief information officer Linghu solitary do, also have a lot of information and the webmaster, but the gas source and it seems better to download. Novice can find several programs to play under. Hit 8.3 points. But their forum to invite yards, very troublesome, novice can not go.


, the first IT webmaster. Information intensive, so that you quickly understand yesterday’s Internet, based on the webmaster now, see the future grassroots direction.


Adsense hit information and news reviews, similar to the website love day newspaper, izaobao.com. Webmaster newspaper forum, new training and station group cooperation, is based on the Internet and grassroots bottom to do. Grassroots and novices can stop. I believe it will develop very quickly. Hit 8.1 points.


laggards are really out of date, but grass roots and novices can take some time to look at literacy and the webmaster community. But don’t be quiet inside. Spirit is not advisable. Hit 7.8 points. It’s not worth a long soak.


AI network, a very strong investigation institutions, a high level, and even many articles I do not understand, terminology and professional name of many, need to have a certain basis to go. Novice can understand first, decisive time to go again. There are more things ahead of the internet. Often divorced from reality. Hit 8.3 points.


Sina blog, although here webmaster and Internet things are not many, but want to understand the society and needs, here is worth seeing, the webmaster not only to stand, but also to understand life. Blog is a personal understanding of life, we read, it is a good understanding of the overall trend. 8.5 minutes,


myself blog, do a AD. Ha ha, everybody can come here to look for me. And my QQ group: 20496229  newbie help each other.

welcome to explore, I want to do everything to have self-confidence, mature mentality. Never seek instant success. This is especially true of novices. Whether you like technology or operation, here will give you a chance to learn. Although I don’t know if my life is still here. But I hope the Internet will teach you a lesson about a mature man’s heart. < >