The cause of setting up local site Baoding 123

has been working since 2006 March, and almost every site has not been successful. Last year founded 5 star composition net ( (for website development, have to AD. I hope the editor will keep it. Thank you!) to the present, let Baidu bully. The flow is not as good as before. In contrast, income is definitely reduced. Although I tried to save it, it didn’t work at one thirty. So I came up with the idea of starting a local website.

searches the Baoding 123 from the net this key word. The results of the web search are zero. Go to the website about Baoding. Smile, my chance has come. After careful investigation and research. Found the site of the site and shortcomings, find information like look for a needle in the ocean. Then let’s be a really strong web site with strong information. However, before I did it, I went back to the Baidu bar to check it out. Found that where the content updates too fast, if the release of a message, no one top, then a little time disappeared. Learn the way Baidu paste it. Get rid of the disadvantages of Baidu paste. Thus, the emergence of the Baoding 123 on the property, supply and demand, recruitment, friends and these columns. It is OK to publish the corresponding content in these columns. Each content can only be viewed and cannot be answered. This avoids malicious irrigation. Make each relevant information very clearly displayed before every friend who comes here.

if you want to communicate with the publisher of the information, contact QQ number or phone number directly. Baoding 123 is just a platform for such an exchange.

After the

idea is completed, I’ll direct my friend to the program. The program was developed quickly. Draw on the style of paste it, adding its own unique content. In order not to let people feel empty, add life column. Introduce some local news or important news to your friends. Such as the news of the death of Luo Jing now.


website just came on line and introduced it to my friend. My friends say that Baoding 123 is better than the 5 star web site in front of him. My friend told me that the reason why he likes this website is: "looking for something, straight forward!


finally points out, this content is definitely not just advertising. This is the real thing that I was thinking about when I founded Baoding 123 ( In addition, such sites have absolute replicability.

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