The nternet business is like Song Jiang but also how to rebel Zhaoan

just got a friend in the Internet business start-up news, his project funding strand breaks, want to sell has come in no hurry, and ultimately the company bankruptcy.

Internet industry which may be the risk of all normal industry’s largest bank, so most people still want to get some official appointment in Baidu, Sina such big portal, change to ancient times, that is in the court effect. But the natural portal is one of the few, even in this life to life, also most of the underlying index, senior positions in a few? So natural talent, smug people reflects the rivers and lakes, to start their own businesses, and big door to dry, Jiangshan separatist attempt. Then the other side after all it is financially strong, many generals and ample soldiers, several grassroots with the.

so there are only two ways out:

a leading force, and strengthen ourselves, to meet as equals. Change to the Internet industry is bigger, financing, refinancing, to do more, until you can settle down (listed).

two to the big door of weak guerrilla, rural areas surrounding the city, finally, shaking the court, to receive amnesty. Change to the Internet industry is to make some impact, set off a storm, and then changed by the door acquisition.

however, the end of the road to these two, after all, very few, and 90% ambitious ambitious entrepreneurs finally fell on the two routes. It reminds me of Song Jiang eight hundred years ago and his Liangshan Park rebel brother. Song Jiang’s rebellion, the purpose of course want to separate regime (listed), but incompetent, VC money which have so good to take; second, accept the amnesty (acquisition). But the court is bound to make a lot of attention, influence, so to an official, "murder by amnesty". Song Jiang’s outcome we all know (is the true ending, the history of the non – "Water Margin", was a novelist) of them were cornered, want to surrender, after repeatedly, eventually killing


the results of most Internet entrepreneurs are similar to those of Song Jiang. The tragedy of heroes such as Song Jiang lies not in surrendering, but in the fact that people often cannot find their own position and can not find their way out. But I can’t find it. If so, tragedy has universal meaning before it can be thought deeply.

Zheng Min: Internet industry professionals, outdoor travel planner, is currently preparing for the Zhejiang Internet business incubator