The user experience should begin with the title of the web site

is now in the network often see a lot of the title of the site is a lot of words, if someone asks you what is this station, you took from his title that his website should be called what name; and some website title is very simple, simple to learn from the title of this website is to do what even the title, and website content not related, this is not desirable, to the user experience is not enough, good practice should be the key words into the title, at the same time, with its own features of the site name.

First we look at the website of, his title is actually two words, so you can play the role because of the optimization of keywords, keywords in the title of the effect is certainly better than in Keywords and Description, are now saying that engine more and more attention to Keywords and Description, but could not pay attention to this title! The above is the site to do well, but because the site title are two hot words, and no special name, which forced the old user site to remember its name, because once the keywords in the engine out of favour, the old user is difficult to find the site through the engine you know, now people are more dependent on the engine, they prefer the engine knock several characters, no reason to remember that a few letters. Fortunately, The domain name of this website is good to remember, won’t let old user can not find the road that comes back.

look at this website, the site of the title and the difference, in addition to his website contains key words in the title, but also added a unique web site name: 100 powder television network, which is the key to strengthen the optimization, engine optimization, but also establish their own the brand, even if the keywords in the engine no rank, old users can still find websites through its own website, the two aspects are aware, this is desirable.

The construction site of

need to accumulate, don’t make yourself a webmaster, regard oneself as the user, think about if you are visiting this site, you will need to provide what your website, from the user’s perspective, from the website title began to improve the user experience of the website.