The importance of Web sites and website ranking

the first thing I want to say is that I don’t understand SEO.. These conclusions are all my last two years’ experience,

I am

from the beginning of 2007 the first station built on its own, and also embarked on a grassroots way. I am a completely ordinary rookie network, in two years the station career got the experience. This article mainly aims at " inexperienced webmaster.


just opened the web site, I do not even know what CMS, and will not care about what SEO, what is outside. But these are the basic source of site traffic.

I do friendship connection just feel good, no site link, always seem less like what. But found the friendship connection every day not a few people, so I do not think what important, simply delete all… So, a year later, I stood a friendship connection at all. But the site’s traffic has more than 5000, depending on the search engines are not popular keywords..

I always wonder why other people can easily reach tens of thousands of visits in a few months. Why is the same key word so easy for him to go to the front? I began to contact SEO


1. Number of external connections, importance,

from two months ago, I was interested in a person on the Admin5 forum, I followed him, I watched him, and slowly found the importance of friendship connection..

in March 2008, his website has just been set up. He needed to search engines, so came to the Admin5 forum, inviting links, irrigation to increase his site. Even after ". QQ; " character signature; this keyword. (he published an article in the forum < my new recruit friendship connection >


in April 2008, his website, his website has a little amount of visits, and his website " QQ personality signature " this keyword ranking is rising.

(he posted false information on the Forum; < IP3000, XXX, >


on June 2008, his website IP has been on 30 thousand. QQ personality signature, this keyword has already been in Baidu TOP10 less than (not disclose)

I searched his post at Admin5, the past three months, he has published about 100 articles, and all this website about most of the content fits, each one is missing " QQ character signature " hyperlink to his website..

(conclusion) this is the result of the number of external connections, not only in the Admin5 Forum