The webmaster should use the website as a service

What is the

to retain the user need most? The right positioning, good attitude, excellent user experience, aesthetic and practical web page, SEO promotion and reasonable and effective, the full range of targeted promotion and so on can improve website traffic and user stickiness, allowing users to choose your website. However, these are not the key factors to retain users, some web page may be very beautiful, powerful function, user experience, SEO promotion also do good, traffic is also up, but the income of the site has not improved. And some web pages is very simple, may be everywhere can see the program source code, simple build, SEO, all kinds of promotion also did not spend too much energy to do, but the site is profitable. Why is this? Stationmaster net satisfied think some websites regardless of page optimization or the promotion of SEO are doing well, but can not meet the needs of users to provide products and services that come through promotion and search engine traffic more, but can not meet their needs, users will be less compared to the conversion rate of flow the poor.

on the contrary, some sites although it looks simple, nor what technical content, possibly is a page, but it can be found that users need most things, to provide effective services, although the promotion of SEO user experience, these are very important, but if the service done, website optimization and promotion will follow the relatively easier, even don’t do too much promotion optimization can get the user through word-of-mouth. Whether it is a portal station, industry station, or do garbage station, in fact, you can all the website management as a service. The website that provides the special service for the user, needless to say, such as personalized signature website, online registration website, is providing service for the user, satisfying the need of the user and bringing convenience for the user. But the website management commodity itself also can satisfy the user’s demand, the commodity is another kind of service which exists. Some webmaster will ask, I do a non mainstream picture station, QQ station, just want to pull some traffic, through advertising alliance to make money, also is not what service. In fact, even if you do is dumpster, not what, no business products and services, but since there is a user to view your web site, the content of your website or someone will need someone to see, even if only a few beautiful pictures or a weather forecast information with love, people to see, it shows that he needs, and you meet their needs, whether they will become loyal users of the site and long stay, you provide services for them, it is beyond doubt.

service is a word of mouth. No matter what website, with a service mentality to do anything users to consider in the first place, to meet the needs of users, and to take the initiative to tap the demand of users, with service mentality to do a website, and improve the service website. The needs of users have been met, they will take the initiative to stay, and form a word of mouth, a kind of evaluation, the two dissemination is very important, word of mouth can bring more to your website