Practical skills to share the flow of your store

since the shop, basically every day to the Taobao community, but also more exchanges, as a new study, in the course of time, our experience has been that I study, there are many shopkeeper failures also become community friends very precious wealth.

for novice sellers, Taobao search and Taobao community is the main source of new stores, this is believed that we all know. The community is mainly a better interaction with people, also need to learn information, community users are with the shopkeeper from all sides, which lack the crown treasurer, have the same two small sellers and I, but we have a common characteristic, sufficient time for learning exchanges, we also engaged in the store industry is different therefore, there is the first time to learn other dispensers product information or store operation condition, which can cause you to consume, so the community is one of the mining potential consumers.

every time after sending a post from the Taobao community, some conditions, the existence of the first, advertising information to my store looking for me to do all kinds of activities directly, this is the first report of garbage flows, directly and then pull the black, needless to say, as a Taobao manager is the first to follow Taobao store rules, do not violate the credit second things; is to share the experience, many like me and interested buyers do, we are willing to exchange, this part is not necessarily directly to consumers, but in the future on the road of entrepreneurship, the cabinet is palm road venture partners; third, some still in a wait state "this kind of quasi seller, the seller is very modest, is also very active to learn and exchange; fourth, many potential consumers are also active in the community, because this part of the consumer Due to objective reasons, causing them to the store to get the information of goods and services they need, therefore, when we are active in the community or often express their experience, they will also become the concern of shops, shops if ongoing activities, which will make their consumption desire, this is the most the quality of the potential consumer groups.


of course, my analysis may not be objective. It’s all my subjective ideas and opinions. But the Taobao community is really bringing huge traffic to the new store, or my store won’t be selling in such a short time.

in the Taobao community exchanges, often see many sellers are very anxious about their business, they most confused is the shop for a long time without a single transaction, in fact, I want to say, just when everyone shop no traffic, only a long-term planning, or long-term planning, the seller can adhere to Taobao finally, I said before, is now a full-time Taobao shopkeeper, although do not expect to earn, to solve the question of "survival". Through the daily adherence to community learning, and now my shop flow gradually rise.


Taobao community has been a great help to the growth of new home sellers, of course, our most important stream