You must use a Google Haier success

contemporary people is very particular about the low cost and high efficiency, to Confucius saying "why use an ox cleaver a chicken" plus respected, this is not wrong, but if blindly emphasized that "why use an ox cleaver a chicken", "why use an ox cleaver a chicken" into full play, it will be counterproductive.

Master said: "cut the chicken laugh but faintly, why use an". (network pictures)

this is a lot of misunderstanding today China enterprises, they think that "almost on the line, it is important to" low cost and high efficiency, so they seek constantly more alternatives to shrink from the employer, to production of cheap materials.

and China network marketing industry continue to spread the "copy acquisition pseudo original", this is the "why use an ox cleaver a chicken" into full play the synthesizer – supporting theoretical basis of "copy acquisition pseudo original" content "is almost on the line, everyone is, so why do that do not contribute to please do stupid things", some websites part-time network editor, and even lower prices to 0.5 yuan / piece.

can the website operation practice proves: emphasizing the compression cost, excessive pursuit of "why use an ox cleaver a chicken is not wise, because only in the quality assurance on the basis can we talk about efficiency, cost accounting. In this sense, the "overkill" can truly effective.

"At the top of the wave," Wu Jun said, "do the same thing, even if the function is the same, the good, the good, the value can be very different from the."…… In order to guarantee the quality, is "the best way of overkill."".

this should cause China network marketing industry – especially those small and medium-sized websites, attaches great importance to the grassroots Wangzhuan, we are not famous long tail — Kunming words, is a cow on the neck of the drooping skin, it is not without it, many. At the same time, there is a lack of necessary resources. In the public (including ourselves) impression, such a long tail is often mixed, mixed, valuable, very little, it is not worth their attention.

How can we get out of

all kind of "unknown long tail is rubbish" terrible impression? There is only one answer: "you must use a", even if our user is less a number of poor, but we must also "- content service is not a panacea," the slaughter of chickens, but no content the service is absolutely not.

first of all, "attitude determines height". If we don’t put our heart into it, over time, even we ourselves will feel that this matter is not very important to us. I haven’t put too much into it anyway. It’s hard for us to imagine that other people will value our work, even if we don’t pay attention to it,


therefore, we must "overkill", trying to do their best, the only way we can really do something, it is possible to obtain the user identity.

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