Tea shop how to make more money

can be said that no one would think too much money, so if you can grasp the relevant business strategy, will allow the shop to create higher economic income. Tea is a health care product of more than two thousand years in china. And the average profit of tea in about three hundred percent. High grade tea profits are higher. If you open the tea shop is really a very good shop project. So, how to open a tea shop to make money?

a tea shop to find tea for many years, the quality of tea, the price are very understanding of the different tea, tea, tea is also very familiar with. Looking for wholesale tea variety, price, quality assurance, and at the end of two days of arrival to open a tea shop.

two, open a tea shop to help you find the store design, teach you the tea (Sales) knowledge, that is, people who do not understand the tea can learn. You can reduce the number of goods, but more varieties. Easy sale. No backlog of funds. But also to the country’s ten major tea, high grade, variety and more features.

three, open tea shop to find the business model:

1, clever use of tea ceremony, tea, with a variety of tea samples to restaurants, restaurants, large entertainment venues, companies, units and other enterprises for sale. After getting the order, with the opening of the tea shop to find contact, open tea shop to find immediate delivery. Preservation of fresh tea.

2, tea shop to do a good job after a number of publicity, activities, so that people in the region are aware of the characteristics of your shop, dare to buy tea.

3, a tea shop and restaurant to do vouchers, after tea, buy tea after send sent, to expand the store’s reputation, increase the guest back.

4, not in the community, and more people to do some activities, to increase publicity, facilitate the next visit.

5, tea shop can do units, companies and other enterprises of the benefits of tea distribution, and the gift of a senior gift tea.

6, the name can be called; (names), or is the world famous tea varieties: high taste, tea work shop.

7, why do you want to open a tea shop and cooperation: because in the tea wholesale market experts and laymen to take the price difference in the tea 5—–20 yuan a pound. Open tea shop to find tea for many years to the lowest price to you. Open the tea shop to find an additional two percent / jin. Open tea shop to find tea, can guarantee the quality. Tea shop to find will also continue to give you the sales method. Because the opening of the tea shop to find a special delivery to the tea shop, to open a tea shop to find the amount is. So you can concentrate on doing tea sales, you do not have to supply as the total