Wu Aiping peace let her continue to change to achieve the entrepreneurial dream

compared with male entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs face more social pressure. It is even harder for a woman from the countryside to start a business. Such a difficult way, Wu Aiping came down, she has a lot of harvest in the Internet industry, monthly sales of up to 2 million.

is the mother of the strong

try to start

2004 was the happiest time in Wu Aiping’s life. She was pregnant with her first baby, which was the main driving force for her business. This year, she left the original company because of her pregnancy, because the company only 20 days holiday, so she left the original company. A month after the birth of a child, she went out to find work after having children, their responsibility is more important, the want to go back to the original company, but the company only financial position, do so many years of business can not be so desolate.