Small apple puzzle learning desk reminder early education should pay attention to the age of teachin

we know that children’s pre-school education is very important, early education can make a better understanding of the world children, foster children’s emotional intelligence, iq. Small apple puzzle desk reminder: early education is not learning in advance, early education is the physical, emotional, mental, personality and spirit of the overall development of education, the development of intelligence should be, but it is not the goal of knowledge, education should pay attention to teaching because of age".

0 to 7 years old children’s brain development is the fastest period, if this period can enrich the lives of children, given the right to education for the age characteristics of children, can accelerate the development of children’s intelligence, to lay the foundation for the formation of good habits and personality.

The first stage:

under the age of

under the age of children, mainly through parental care and care, love, eliminate the strangeness of his environment, let him have to rely on their loved ones, produce emotional satisfaction.

second stages: 1 years old -3

1 years old to 3 years old children, should be through with their parents and relatives get along, let him establish a sense of security, let him to others and the environment, have their own trust. Children must have the belief that "the world is reliable. Life is beautiful."." In order to survive the power, courage and perseverance. A child who has a good sense of security believes firmly: "I am lovable, I am loved, my existence is valuable, I have the ability to overcome the difficulty to solve the problem, I believe in my own judgment." Children with a sense of security means: a sense of security, children can develop their own, will not be affected by the outside world and interference, will not encounter difficulties easily give up efforts.

third stages: 3 years old -6

3 to 6 years old, it should be appropriate to increase their contact with the outside world, cultivate his interpersonal skills, his initial training in society, so that he can play together with other children, the children began to have contact with people’s wishes, parents should provide a regardless of age, regardless of class, regardless of the gender of the interpersonal environment for him, let him in the face of different people can show the true self. At the same time, this period should conform to the nature of the child’s development, give him a free and happy childhood.


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