China top 500 enterprises forum held in Nanning

with the development of the social economy of the whole country, the domestic large-scale enterprise development, more and more influence in the international market is bigger, also attracted some foreign enterprises attention recently, Chinese Fortune 500 forum held in Nanning.

8 22, "The Belt and Road: as the new" new opportunities for large enterprises as the theme of the 2015 Chinese Fortune 500 Forum opened in Nanning. Vice chairman of the Tenth CPPCC National Committee, China Enterprises Association President Wang Zhongyu keynote report at the meeting, Party Secretary of the autonomous region, autonomous region people’s Congress Chairman Mr Peng Qinghua, chairman of the autonomous region, Chen Wu attended the meeting.

Peng Qinghua on behalf of the regional party committee and government welcomed the arrival of guests. He said, "big open cooperation The Belt and Road" cannot do without the active participation of large enterprises, China 500 enterprises as a leader in China’s enterprises, more conditions to seize this rare historical opportunity, promising display skills to the full. Guangxi is China’s only ASEAN sea adjacent provinces, in the "important nodes and key regional The Belt and Road" docking, by giving the central new position of new mission. How to seize the opportunity to play a role in serving the overall situation, write a new chapter in the prosperity and stability of the South China Sea, is placed in front of the Autonomous Region Party committee, the government is a major issue, but also the broad masses of cadres and the masses eagerly look forward to. From Peng Qinghua to accelerate interoperability and open cooperation, adhere to green development and the realization of "two into a goal describes the development of Guangxi and the grand goal, and said, this requires our own hard work and unremitting efforts, but also need to get the central authorities care guidance and the society especially large enterprises support. We will strive to efficient, personalized, fine service, for the successful landing of the cooperative projects, as soon as possible to start the construction of the most convenient to provide the most convenient.