Southern sea Valley cup marine science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship competition co

China is a double air burst of innovation and entrepreneurship, coupled with the "The Belt and Road" and "13th Five-Year" planning a comprehensive introduction, a customer has more opportunities than their predecessors, around the innovation and entrepreneurship competition continuously emerging creative potential business projects, indicates the development potential of our future.

11 22, 2009, the first China (Zhanjiang), South Sea Valley cup marine technology innovation and entrepreneurship contest held at the south of the Five Ridges normal college. Wu Chengguang, deputy director of Zhanjiang hi tech Zone, deputy director of the Zhanjiang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, deputy researcher Chen Xiangsheng attended the event. 10 enterprises from Zhanjiang, the team participated in the semi-finals of the project (a total of 150 enterprises in the national team to participate in the enterprise group competition, in which the Zhanjiang Division has a total of 23 enterprises on behalf of the team), the company has a total of more than 13 enterprises.

game players by speech and a Q & a way, 6 minutes PPT players show, 6 minutes and interactive Q & A. Fully demonstrated the players’ innovative ideas and entrepreneurial ability.

the semi-finals, the organizing committee invited 6 expert judges, they are investment specialists and marine industry experts, with the careful assessment of their scientific and rigorous attitude, to ensure competition in an open, fair and impartial principle. Each item in the judges of the comprehensive scoring, according to the ranking of the ranking score, and finally by the Organizing Committee of the comprehensive performance of the game, decided to enter the final list, and in the contest official website publicity. The project will enter the finals in November 25th at 14:00 PM in Zhanjiang TV studio to participate in the national finals, the competition award.

2015 first Chinese (Zhanjiang) "South Sea Valley Cup" of marine science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship competition in Zhanjiang city is to promote co-ordination, implementation of the port to the development of marine economy, the implementation of the national The Belt and Road "and the marine strategy to promote popular science and technology strategic entrepreneurship, innovation of science and technology exhibition held. The contest is based in Zhanjiang, look at the country, the establishment of Zhanjiang, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Qingdao, a total of four divisions, and strive to build the country’s most influential marine industry science and technology event. Competition does not limit the types of projects participating in the industry, to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship projects in the field of marine related industries to actively participate in the award winning projects will be given additional support for the marine industry. The project area is oriented to mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and the rest of the world. According to the main players, divided into creative innovation group, entrepreneurial team group, the growth of three different types of enterprise groups. Prior to the appointed time to participate in the entry of the project can be free to participate in the training camp, marine science and technology recommended