7 modes of making money

through the Internet to make money, there are many examples, the following 7 are the most common, but also to make money easier, small series one by one, and I hope to give you some help.

1,   advertising. Advertising is almost a portal and the survival of most of the site magic. No advertising is not the Internet today, it is N advertisers to promote Internet China thrive, from the income structure of portal represents Sina, advertising revenue accounted for 1/3, and some smaller sites is almost rely on advertising to mix food, so that advertising is the best profit weapons website. But it is not everyone can get advertising resources, such as Sina so many people are suitable for the public oriented advertisers, and DoNews IT people gathered this site will certainly get IT advertisers. If it is a local portal, it should be designed to fit the local advertising style.

2,   mobile proliferation service (SMS). This is almost Chinese Internet industry most distinctive profit pattern, not standardized guidance to lead SP wantonly spread, and standard is the price of sina and SOHU are moving punishment, it can be said that the profit pattern is not everyone can play, no background, no technology will certainly be dead. The most important thing is: in the long run, the standardization of the SP market did not imagine so optimistic. But the market demand is still there, decided that this part of the income will not be too much, but it will not be.

3,   game. I believe Shanda will be the biggest beneficiaries of online games, they can go to bed 24 hours of money, and those poor players are constantly upgrading for 24 hours, all for virtual self-esteem. The game played a grand, NetEase, Sina, the portal and the game is widely respected by people. The birth of the N multi game equipment sites, game forums, clan, Internet cafes 80% business is driven by the game, there is no game is almost unimaginable. But from now on, public opinion and national policy seems to be strict, online games will be standardized. At that time the threshold will be higher, but the market still needs to be in.

4,   charge mailbox. Which do the good is the NetEase, their VIP mailbox sell quite well, although the mailbox is now at the free time, but with the customer requirements of the increasingly high, believe in the service and fees as long as the style is more suitable for target customers, can certainly make a big future. If there is a mailbox is not spam, but also send very convenient and fast, management interface is very comfortable, you will every month 10 dollars to buy this service. If it is ordinary users may not, but if it is a mail from the storm and more people, will certainly buy. This is the future.

5,   membership fee. This is a basic category of e-commerce, the best to do is Alibaba. be recommended by someone