Top ten brands of early education

for many Chinese people are very unfamiliar with the early education in the current market share of education is getting higher and higher, leading to the early market is more and more brands. Here, Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of early childhood, so that we can learn more about the early market in china.

full two child policy liberalization, and child related industries are hot up. Data show that more and more early childhood brands to enter China, the local early education brand is also growing rapidly, increasing competition in the market situation.

the current 80, 90 groups to become the main force of childcare, the importance of early education, the needs of the early education institutions diversification, the diversity of early education brands to allow parents to choose early institutions hesitate.

parents hope that early education institutions have a professional education philosophy guidance, but also to provide a scientific system of curriculum and good quality classroom environment. However, in the face of the early flowering of the brand, the parents are the choice of the old tradition of early education institutions, or with differentiated advantage of cutting-edge early education brand?

2016 years up to now, the country’s top ten brands of early education is what? By Baidu, 360, Sogou big data statistics, and field trips, Xiaobian for parents to summarize the most authoritative and most loved by the parents of the top ten brands of early education institutions list of the top 2016.

early childhood ten major brands NO.1, gold baby

gold baby is from the United States early education brand, in the country’s early institutions ranking veterans, from the United States, the first to start with children’s clothing, a large number of Chinese stores, hardware facilities. A full set of American teaching ideas and tutorials, a comprehensive system, the main course for music, music, art, which is the main course for music and music classes.

The lack of

: too much emphasis on freedom, and as a brand from the United States, bilingual teaching, teaching English is also so much, for most of the Chinese parents participation is poor, and the relative Chinese education way is different, more suitable for overseas return, or foreign language better parents.

early ten brands list NO.2, BBunion international early education

according to the relevant parties, the practice of the combination of Chinese and western education mode of high-end brand BBunion International Preschool Education in recent years, with its unique "teach and play" philosophy of education, according to the physiological development characteristics of children of different ages and sensitive period of development needs set "three business" that IQ, EQ and FQ courses. To create a leading industry level 4 development mode, make it become the concern of the early market brand. Currently, BBunion>