Some rules in the management of fruit dry store

fruit every day in the life of people is to add at the same time, a greengrocer often has a large market space for profit, but some fruit shop business can not blindly, need to pay attention to some management ways and methods.

A fruit shop, the size of

two and characteristics of

1, to understand the nutritional value and medical value of a variety of fruits, printed data, distributed to customers.

2, understand the market situation, the fruit shop opened in the farmers market, or near.

3, from the trade and Industry Bureau, for the formalities.

4, do not just think boss addiction, his boss and workers. From the husband and wife stores, relatives started.

5, subscribe to a local tabloid, understand market trends and customer needs.

6, contact fixed purchase channels.

three, store location is very important to

golden ideas if you venture, relatively strong financial strength, the best location in the gold district, at the crossroads, or large department stores (malls, supermarkets) near the rent in a few million dollars. If you want to open a small fruit shop, focus on selling fruit, located in a large community near the suggestion is the best, or near the hospital. You can rent control in less than 20 thousand yuan.

first into the fruit, the main emphasis on low risk, with apple, orange recommended