80 after the beauty of civil servants to return home for the benefit of entrepreneurs

is now a variety of inspirational entrepreneurial market comparison in the fierce with each of us to venture, at the same time, there are many entrepreneurs because adhere to their own entrepreneurial ideal, have a successful business, it is also one of the more successful entrepreneurs.

select varieties, market analysis, looking for sales…… Jiang Lanqing home. The villagers in 2014 under her leadership to achieve the revenue doubled, the village, and harvest 1 million pounds of which 300 thousand pounds of fresh lily, Lily flown to Shanghai sales, gross profit reached 1 million 200 thousand yuan.

than "Beijing Beijing", was born in 1984, Jiang Lanqing more love "Daoxiang", with "Daoxiang rivers continue to run……" In 2006, Jiang Lanqing graduated from the University of Beijing in the State Intellectual Property Office to work, not long after, she chose to return to his hometown – Dazhou City, Dazhu County, the village of bamboo village. She prefers pastoral life to the fast pace of the city.