Song Hye Kyo’s cradle male Song Joong Ki bursting with great acclaim.

the last hot drama from the stars you, although the play is a woman, but very popular. Recently, the drama "the sun once again hot China seed" is the female pig big male pig, although the Song Hye Kyo drama robber, but TV is still popular, and the male is more Song Joong Ki great acclaim.

and seen people spontaneously become the sigh of tap water, two stars, Song Joong Ki muscle and Joe’s sister Nitian beauty. Really fulfilled that sentence, there is always a drama to understand your heart.

For example,

on temperament, military service of the flower is more masculine, and the character set itself is a real soldier, the fit is one hundred percent. Song Zhongji in the play is more muscle, show body, always make pink. As a new generation of niche, Song Zhongji’s acting was evaluated as very true friends.