Which Olympic Games make more money

although the Rio Olympic Games has been carried out for a few days, but for the Olympic Games before the opening of various Tucao believe many people should be impressed with the Olympic village which makes it difficult to imagine what is the next thing. A lot of people can not help but feel puzzled, do an Olympic Games is really just investment, and the amount of investment is not small, so that the state to bear great economic pressure, so the Rio Olympics will be the case? In other words, the Olympic Games is actually losing money?

before we are all kinds of Tucao, what the government did not have money, the Olympic Village humble, the subway has not been built…… So the question is, how much does it cost to build an Olympic Games? June release of the Rio Olympic budget shows that Rio has invested at least $11 billion. Huge investment can not help but think: do the Olympic Games, in the end do not make money? Come and have a look!

although the recession in Brazil, the Rio Olympics is still possible to make money! You know, from the 1984 Losangeles Olympic Games, many countries with a successful business model, so that the Olympic Games to achieve profitability. Learn from the previous Olympic Games to make money, Brazil, or the Olympic Games can do a good job of this business.

1984 Losangeles Olympic Games

1984 Losangeles Olympic Games, is the Olympic Games from the "lose money to cry" to "global good business opportunities" start. When IOC President Ueberroth’s first Olympic "private mode", by raising the threshold, pay TV sponsorship, neither in government subsidies, and not to increase the burden on taxpayers, and not the issuance of lottery, the sale of television rights market means to open up financial resources, not only cost $500 million successfully hosted the Olympic Games. Also to achieve a profit of $227 million. Since then, the Olympic Games has become an attractive big cake.

1988 Seoul Olympic Games

1988 twenty-fourth Olympic Games held in Seoul, South Korea, the Olympic Games in Seoul to become one of the world. The characteristics of the Olympic Games is to make full use of the existing venues, the renovation of the stadium is not enough to continue to use. Seoul, South Korea, the Olympic Games to build 16 new museum, renovated the use of the original 18 old venues. In this way, save a lot of money. The Seoul Organizing Committee directly invested about $1 billion for the Olympic games.

however, the South Korean government allocated $2 billion for Seoul’s urban construction and other direct investment, greatly improving the infrastructure of the city.

1992 Barcelona Olympic Games

Barcelona Olympic Games is by far the most successful one. From 1986 began to organize the construction work, a total of 9 billion 400 million investment in Barcelona >