How to design the chain store

each store has a cash register, if the shoes do business, how to design the cashier? Is there a connection between design skills and in store business? A lot of women’s franchise chain operators are to consult this issue, Xiaobian compiled the relevant answers for your reference, can not be missed.

checkout is the most boring place the entire shopping process, but also the majority of shoppers anxiety — "I stand? How long will it be?" elsewhere in the shop may be well designed, the users are very friendly, but here the illusion disappeared, the real effect of store on the show it is out of money for local goods.

as mentioned before, the biggest difficulty lies in the cashier and packing table placed it in? Logically, to put it in a shop near the front door, so that customers will easily go to the store, go inside, to find their own things to buy, and then back to the front door, pay after leaving. From the clerk’s point of view, this is the most reasonable.

if the cashier is located at the door of the store, there is only one clerk in the non peak store. If you are not at the door, you should have at least two assistants, or a clerk. In this case, in each transaction, the clerk has a period of time back to the customer, this design may actually breed theft.

but it’s not good enough to let customers come in at the first sight of the cash register and the packing table. It feels like walking through the kitchen into a restaurant, a fatal injury. We’ve seen a lot of this: shoppers look out of the store and find someone in front of the cashier line up.

shoes chain stores operating businesses need to do a good job in every business details that can get better profit, if you are not very familiar with the skills to join can learn a lot, a lot of summary, using several times to find a suitable way of business, do not be lazy.

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