Departure from the Qin to do investment to see how the media business

entrepreneurial passion surging throughout the land of China, people from all walks of life are actively exploring the way out, there is a doctor to start a business, after the media entrepreneurs start hot debate. Media entrepreneurs in the end line not? We might as well take a look at the new moon to do the work of the situation.

6 7, the "first financial daily editor Qin Shuo announced his resignation, he left the club worked for 10 years, the 28 year old has served as chief editor of" nanfengchuang "Young Turks media leaders, announced the exploration will be engaged in commercial civilization history and new media at micro-blog, after he moved Himalaya FM office, there with his new media transformation project, and today (October 13th), the two sides formally announced a strategic cooperation," strategic cooperation "this concept is a bit empty, I learned that, Qin Shuo will have his audio content products, starting in Himalaya on the platform. The latter will provide critical resources including references, flow into a series of operations support.

back to Qin Shuo, this can feel at ease in the first financial editor jogs along the choice of entrepreneurial orientation in some grand, his new media project "Qin Shuo friends" will be officially launched in October 16th, according to his dictation, this will be a content production platform located in the financial field of the public record in nature, content sources can be roughly divided into three structures, one is the crystallization of his personal production, such as talk show like; another from some prior to the accumulation of contacts and resources, including a wealth of his old colleagues, some financial institutions are also friends; the elite of society, such as KOL, in his view amateur, recommended