nvestment hotel should pay attention to what matters

hotel can be seen everywhere, the size is large and small, but in any case, the industry is very good prospects for development, so businesses want to invest continuously. If you want to invest in the hotel, then you should pay attention to what matters? Let’s have a look.

then hotel investment taboo and pay attention to matters which


1, property rights include: commercial, residential, industrial and integrated. The commercial nature and the commercial nature of the comprehensive class can be used as a hotel. Land use must be commercial land, land use is generally 40 years.

2, the completion of the property acceptance report and fire acceptance report is complete, indispensable.

3, the floor can not be rented out of the illegal structures.

4, before renting, we must check whether there is a security property, mortgages and more than one room rental.

5, whether there is a concern about the existence of the hotel property rental part of the format, such as noise or odor will produce KTV, catering and other formats, will adversely affect the hotel.

A lot of attention in

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