There are new ways to open the door to join the underwear store opening the most profitable

underwear is a woman’s personal clothing, good underwear in the market is very popular. Open a lingerie store is a good idea to start. If you also want to open underwear store, you must also be thinking about this problem, underwear store how to better manage it? The following small series on the promotion of a number of underwear stores.

A, "stick": the so-called sticky, that is to stick to the customer, that is to explain, as detailed, especially the main selling point, to clear and penetrating. To brainwash customers". Instill all your ideas into the client, and reach a consensus with him to be able to recognize your point of view. This depends mainly on the way of communicating with customers. In addition, as long as possible to allow customers to stay in your showcase for a long time. Because the customer’s time is relatively limited, the longer you stay in your showcase, in the presence of competitors in front of the exhibition on the relatively short time. And the longer the customer stays, the opponent’s psychological pressure is greater, it is also easy to promote his impatience. In this way, even if the customers go, because they are anxious, it is difficult to retain customers.

two, "Lan": the customer leave footsteps stopped. Customers look at the product, often have to look at other brands of products. At this time, the "yes, but" method. First agreed: "of course, your ideas, goods than three do not suffer. But you look again". Through a "but" to re offer a new selling point or to guide it to see other gifts, once again attract the attention of customers. But at this time, we must pay attention to skills, do not cause customer resentment. If you really can not afford to retain customers, may wish to tentatively asked him what aspects are not satisfied, is the gift or the machine itself. Finally, don’t forget to say, "when you come back, I’ll give you some discount." But remember not to tell him the preferential margin, corresponding to the room, you may return to the showcase before a powerful reason again.

three, "cut": the bargain. When the deal is about to come to an end, customers sometimes have to bargain. Sometimes if he doesn’t let him, he won’t buy it. At this point must not be stiff refused, but to "take the initiative to" help them and business executives bargain. To make the customer feel that you are trying to help him. Is to stand on the same line with him, which will further enhance the trust of customers to you. Even the limited profit sharing, the customer will be on your best, and give up the bargain, deal. At this time, in particular, need to pay attention to is that promoters and business executives with tacit understanding, do not reveal flaws.