How long is the restaurant serving

no matter what kind of a restaurant, the factors affecting the speed of the customer dining although very much, in which the service speed of the restaurant is also very important. However, if the restaurant operators do not grasp the speed of the restaurant service, will undoubtedly affect the entire store business. So, how long is the restaurant serving?

said the restaurant serving speed, can be said to be a worldwide topic, the speed can be served on the Guinness book of world records. The restaurant’s name is Garibaldi, a local restaurant in Mexico.

"Garibaldi" has been operating for more than 40 years, has been enduring, the source of the secret is that the service is very fast. After the visitors are seated, the waiter immediately to snacks and dishes, are Mexico local taste of delicacy, green lemon sauce, avocado, onion, pepper, Cream Polenta Cake D, a table filled with. When you pick up the menu, you will find that there is only one dish.

the customer needs to tell the waiter that the difference is large and small. Here’s the waiter served only ten seconds, even when the number of no more than 15 seconds. The absolute speed and keep the waiter superb service skills, must be quick to do it at the same time, quick and thoughtful eye.

Although there is only one

dishes, but the food is very diverse, with a variety of materials and customers with a variety of accessories and sauces, you can eat a different feeling.

"Garibaldi" in 1996 to obtain the world record in the world’s fastest service restaurant, awarded the title of "the world food and beverage service" in. The restaurant "fans" said that the dishes are not rich, the decoration is not high, these are not important, it is important that the traditional Mexico style and run the enthusiasm of the waiter.

Mexico Garibaldi restaurant for the domestic food and beverage industry operators who have great inspiration, especially for the service speed of the solution. "Garibaldi" reduced the workload of the kitchen and improved the speed of food preparation through a few dishes, and reduced the time of service by using the skill of the waiter. These two aspects is precisely the local restaurant can improve the place.

in all walks of life are rapid development today, the competition of catering industry has reached a very serious period, labor costs in the procurement of raw materials, the high cost of the case, if the restaurant to the survival and development, the only way is probably improve the serving speed, increase the rate of over taiwan. Only in this way can we increase the operating profit by increasing the passenger flow.

from the customer’s point of view, the customer to the restaurant to eat as soon as possible, usually