How to choose a fresh fruit store

investment fresh fruit stores, should consider various aspects of the elements, among them, how to choose the address is very important, if you want to do this type of business, some analysis in this paper can be a reference.

in the shop location need to be careful, and be good at seizing opportunities. What are the fresh fruit stores, the appropriate location has a significant impact on sales. Shop location must pay attention to the flow of people around, traffic status and the surrounding residents and units. Franchise chain stores, the size of the direct impact on the number of passengers into the. Therefore, the choice of fair development can have a good income, but also means a lot of higher prices, fierce competition. Relatively speaking, the community store exhibition and street shops show a stable flow, return on investment.

access must be forward-looking, not all good shop must have good money, sometimes encounter municipal plan changes, warm lots would become deserted, and many are developing in the area has great investment space. Therefore, the site should be far sighted, more understanding of the future development of the situation.

In the process of fresh fruit