Smart home market potential for the future

smart home is currently a hot word in the market, was repeatedly mentioned in a number of market heavyweights, causing widespread national debate. Consumers care about the smart Home Furnishing will bring about what kind of change to people’s lives, investors are eager to understand the future potential of intelligent Home Furnishing how big the market, therefore, the whole network to do a lot of understanding, for investors to invest in the future direction of intelligent Home Furnishing proved.

the existing intelligent Home Furnishing market problems are: lack of standardized and unified industry standard; industry core technology breakthroughs; application mode needs innovation, product stability and reliability to be further enhanced; the industry chain is not complete, lack of perfect social cooperation system; cross industry cooperation difficult; market promotion is not enough. This is the future of smart home in 12th Five-Year, the development of planning to break through the task.

the convergence trend, policy in three positive guidance, human-computer interaction, networking technology stimulation, major manufacturers are eager for a fight, ready for the intelligent Home Furnishing field of this big cake.

by intelligent networking Home Furnishing technology, can form a home network system, let the computer can share a broadband Internet line to save cost, realize the resource sharing between computer and Internet games and other functions. Can also set up a family control network, control of information appliances (such as: air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, water heater) all kinds of action, can also control other smart devices (such as curtains, door locks, lights…… ).

Monitoring network