The creation of the Western Open University opened in Zhangye

facing the employment problem of college students, all levels of government are actively exploring solutions. In order to reduce the unemployment rate of college students, to encourage more students to create a customer to engage in entrepreneurship is a good choice. Recently, a University of Western Zhangye, founded in Gansu, the western region to train outstanding entrepreneurs and services.


"founder of Western University is creating our entrepreneurial talents, promote public a new approach to entrepreneurship, innovation, and hope to use this" weapon "of Internet technology, the Zhangye entrepreneurs in the most convenient way of docking the world’s most high-quality entrepreneurship education resources, accelerate the transformation and leap forward development of economy and society in Zhangye." Zhangye Municipal Committee, mayor Huang Zeyuan said. On the morning of 22, Gansu teamed up with the Zhangye Municipal People’s government, set up in He Xi University West Passenger University, University of the opening ceremony and the first training classes held in He Xi University.


West off the record is the introduction of a new model of university education, the spirit of "interoperability, sharing" concept, the use of "theory of education + training education + incubation" teaching form, explore a unique "education to promote entrepreneurship, promote employment and entrepreneurship, will promote the transformation of the mode of Zhangye industry".