Turning waste into treasure

in your eyes, it may be a waste, but to a "know" the eyes of the people, it may also become a treasure, so business, also need to be able to have a pair of "treasure" burner of Venus, so that the investment will become more relaxed, below, let Xiaobian take you feel this miracle.

Korea home only into the metal company, found that the Japanese fine chemical industry and pharmaceutical reductant and building industries need to use iron as raw materials, will organize personnel to collect the machinery factory in the waste, machinery factory boss is very pleased to send free.

in a town 30 kilometers outside of the hillside, a piece of gally. The owner of this land, has been lamented that the vast territory but can not sell a good price. One day, he suddenly thought, ran to the local government department, said: "this piece of land I donated to the government to build a university?" Local governments such as treasure. Before long, a large institution of higher learning stood on the desolate land.