How to innovate

in such a rapidly changing era, if we blindly conservative, I am afraid it is difficult to make their business better development, therefore, innovation is inevitable. No matter what profession, need innovation. I always have some "strange" ideas, such as business cards, we give people the purpose of sending a business card? Don’t want to leave a deep impression on the other side in a very short time? But the name card mostly is square, it is difficult to achieve for too observant of conventional standards., fresh, gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory effect.

I think it can be made of irregular shapes. For example: five pointed star, trapezoidal, fan-shaped, crescent shaped, etc.. Let your name card out of the ordinary, somebody else’s name card "collaboration", you are sure to make memories. It is a pity that the market is very difficult to find such a personal name card maker.

in fact, such innovative thinking in life everywhere, such as taking the phone thing. Mobile phone from birth to maturity, and then to change with each passing day, continuous innovation. However, all manufacturers are mostly in the function of the phone to do enough high-tech articles, and the changes in the shape of the phone is still very traditional. I have some mobile phone manufacturers have to outline some suggestions, such as: mobile phone lovers; for example: the Chinese twelve zodiac made mobile phone appearance, with different signs in different situations and calls as Cailing not more interesting? For example, when the tiger is happy, angry, etc.. This should be at least as much as the appetite of teenagers and fashion people, perhaps with unexpected gains.

in fact, some things do not do not criticize before.

of course, here just want to tell you: innovation is the core of business. Tradition, experience is important, but these will be backward with the progress of the times, and even hinder the growth and development of your business. Here would like to share with you is how innovative business?

1, often thinking

Mr. Li Jiacheng said: the biggest difference between people is that: different thinking patterns and time management. And all this can be changed by changing, as long as you are diligent in thinking, you will reap a habit, and this habit can not only change your thinking mode.

operating companies, almost all decisions are from your thinking. But if you want your business to be innovative and powerful, let your team learn to think. This is the real innovation. I believe that the wisdom of the people is great and creative. What you think?

2, multi communication

many new ideas come from constant communication. Not only do you have to communicate with subordinates and peers, but you should learn to communicate with your competitors and strangers. For >