Generic exhibition schedule template example

to do a perfect exhibition activities, from booth design, promotional materials to participate in the exhibition to prepare, need careful planning. A detailed schedule of exhibition planning is essential. If you are to participate in the exhibition of the complex work and worry, we may refer to you for the development of the planning schedule.

exhibition schedule:


1, from the scale of the exhibition, time, location, professional level, the target market and other aspects of comprehensive expert opinion, to determine the annual exhibition plan;

2, contact with the organizer or agency to obtain preliminary information;

3, selected sites; (generally speaking, the first time to participate in international exhibitions, it is difficult to get the best position);

4, understand the form of payment, consider the exchange rate fluctuations, determine the financial plan.

1, design exhibition structure;

2, obtain the approval of the exhibition management company design;

3, select and prepare the products;

4, contact with potential customers and current customers;

5, the exhibition brochure.

months ago;

1, promotional activities such as advertising or e-mail;

2, determine travel plan;

3, prepaid venue and other services required;

4, review the company’s brochures, leaflets, press releases, etc., and prepare the necessary translation;

5, arrange the interpreter during the exhibition;

6, to service contractors and exhibition organizations to order promotional advertising.

months ago;

1, continue to track product promotion activities;

2, the final confirmation of the sample, and prepare a large number of products on behalf of the company’s product quality and characteristics of the sample, affixed to the company label;

3, booth structure design to make the final decision;

4, program visitor response handler;

5, training staff;

6, scheduled interviews during the exhibition;

7, arrangements for the exhibition site or off the reception;

8, the need to purchase foreign exchange exhibition.