For others to pull the red line for their own interests

with the accelerating pace of life, more and more people for various reasons can not own seeking a spouse, which caused a flood of older men left 3S lady phenomenon, but also the achievements of a new industry, that is to open a matchmaking, matchmaking, the achievement of your wealth of life!

"open dating completely by accident." Gao Yumei told reporters, when you have time to help a friend to idle at home now. "You just open a matchmaking company!" a friend joke to let her have this idea. Gao Yumei admitted that the matchmaking center bluff and deceive things have happened, people have begun to distrust the matchmaking, but she does not believe this evil, to open a credit agency.

Gao Yumei around research, found the women’s Federation approved Chinese meeting Chinese association. Since then, she began her career. According to reports, from November to date, more than 40 pairs of new people in her eyes on the. Each new commission 300-400 yuan, which can be seen matchmaking high profits.

when the matchmaker when out of wealth, this is the purpose of dating, now facing more and more older unmarried people, that the matchmaking service allows you to others matchmaker, for their own interests!