Family service can attract more customers to the store

different owners, service philosophy will be different, so the development of the store’s business will naturally have a different impact. In fact, doing business is also a man, to learn how to close the relationship between me and a harmonious relationship between consumers and. A small matter let me understand this truth.

a cold winter, I ride a motorcycle to more than and 30 km outside the tobacco companies. Entering the office, a 40 year old female clerk to see my hands red with cold and stiff, it is eager to use a towel soaked in warm water, let me try to warm her hands and face, and then give me a cup of hot tea. My heart was moved by the clerk sister. Since then, thanks to the positive, I actively cooperate with all aspects of the work of the tobacco sector, and in the management of high standards and strict requirements to comply with the law, to repay the enthusiasm of the staff of tobacco companies and love.

the elder sister’s move let me understand how warm service is very important, I take the lead in my shop smile service, and strive to make customers feel warm. On one occasion, a more than and 70 year old grandmother came to my supermarket to buy a towel, I do not know when to lose the key. I spent a lot of hard work to find the old man in the city to do the Contractor’s son’s phone.

when her son sent back the spare key, I had arranged for the old man to have dinner at my house and watch the tea with the old man. The old man’s son was very moved, although his work unit is far away from my supermarket, but he has since given each year to the welfare of the workers and some gifts to me far away to the supermarket to buy.

in fact, customers are also the same as us, people, many times, the owner of a small concern, it is possible to get customers to follow. In short, a point of concern, more greetings, pay more attention to small details, to provide some help, in my family service, many customers and I became friends.