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wood is used for teaching materials and local varieties, but also very rare wood. For example woodmensal is more common, but are generally imported beech used in high-grade, mid-range with maple, birch, domestic beech, low-grade rubber wood etc.. If someone tells you that he is selling imported black walnut woodmensal " ", a five hundred or six hundred yuan, that he must be in you. Most of the chairs were painted in black with black birch, which is very common in Chinese and foreign furniture industry. But it is in order to reduce the cost and supporting the harmonious mind, has been used to deceive, to prevent.

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modern panel furniture decorative materials, including wood and stickers are very common, but the grade is completely different. Veneer furniture is rich in natural texture, beautiful and durable, but the price is relatively high, and stickers furniture easy to wear, fear of water, bear the impact, but the price is low, is a popular product. Some wear degree is not high, not close to the source of furniture varieties are also based on stickers, such as shoes, bookcases, etc..

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