Chongqing online village invites you to go to the countryside to celebrate the new year

with the continuous development of the economy, there are more forms of entertainment in the life began to appear, direct and effective enough for everyone’s life. 2016 rush year activities of the main venue in Chongqing launch ceremony officially opened in Chongqing. The theme of this event is "at the age of taste, taste of the township, the" online village "to invite you to the countryside". Activities covering 33 districts and counties of Chongqing. Qijiang, Fengjie, home court, Youyang, Fuling, Pengshui, Shizhu Chengkou and Xiushan county. One of my district, Fuling District, Pengshui County in addition to the main city of the three branches.

it is reported that the "2016 Chongqing second years to catch Chinese and Internet plus rural tourism poverty alleviation activities" has been officially launched in November 24th, the event will continue until February 11, 2017. Activities, the public can be purchased through the online village electricity supplier platform poor rural quality of agricultural products, but also through the activities of the network and other family members of the family to go to the countryside to spend the new year.

it is understood that the catch festival event is expected to attract 100 thousand car, 1 million city people to experience the rural poverty stricken areas of Chongqing folk, flavor, purchase Tuhuo, will be based on the different districts and different folk culture tourism resources, different geographical features set with the theme of the tourism product line.

Chongqing online village invites you to the countryside to celebrate the new year, this event can be held to enhance people’s spiritual culture, but also to strengthen exchanges between the people. Among them, Qijiang distinguished venue launch ceremony will be held in Dingshan town in December 10th, inviting the general public to Qijiang the year before, feel the flowers, such as the eight dam Gaomiao tourism resort and Huxiang Longsheng Shu Village, open flowers and other crape myrtle rural tourism charm, taste and V mutton, Bei Du fish, "rice grass," suffer "dou" radish and other characteristics of delicacy.

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