Anhui released online shopping questionnaire returns difficult to become a big problem

in modern life, online shopping is almost the same choice, because it is cheaper than the store, and the wider range of choices, and therefore welcomed by the majority of young people. November 9th, the provincial consumer protection committee released a survey of college students online shopping service satisfaction survey results. In 1891 valid questionnaires recovered, 45% of the students had reflected "return procedures or complicated procedures, high cost of proof", had 41.83% students reflect return "business requirements of the packaging intact".

is not only difficult to return, but also encountered many problems when purchasing. According to the survey, 45.67% of college students have met with the description and physical discrepancies, and college students in the face of the reflection of the merchant false information problem of 40.17%. And when consumer disputes, 61.5% of college students choose to negotiate with the merchant, the 56.67% choice to complain to the shopping site. It is worth noting that, 11.17% of college students in the face of online shopping when the choice of bad luck, college students awareness of rights and rights needs to be strengthened.

Anhui released online shopping survey results, return difficult to become a big problem, for such a problem, in the life of the vast number of electronic business platform how to solve it? We wait and see. At the same time, the survey also shows that in the online shopping service satisfaction evaluation, the payment of the highest degree of satisfaction, 79,61%. Personal information security, customer service efficiency, logistics and distribution timeliness three satisfaction is lower. In the most wanted online shopping platform to strengthen the service matters, convenient replacement service, customer service center to follow up service in a timely manner and 7 days no reason to return service has become the most talked about topic of College students.

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