Clothing chain store location sharing

would like to open a successful franchise chain stores, you first need to know how to choose, because the location of the impact of our clothing chain stores are great. Open chain clothing store specifically how the site? This must be based on the characteristics of clothing chain stores.

whole city center shopping area

(2) near the station or traffic arteries

this kind of area to flow off as the center, business center, business scope, business travelers, the general should first establish a good shopping environment. Such as the store before leaving a larger open space, convenient access to consumers. This area of clothing chain stores do not have a commercial center to form a group advantage, mostly single combat, or small groups with. Therefore, it is important to highlight their own advantages. To this kind of clothing chain stores to buy more consumers in order to be, the reality of the majority of psychology, clothing chain stores should be mid-range or cheap goods, such as the general cheap clothing.

station to ride public transportation passengers, but because of the age, occupation, hobbies and different purposes, travel, tourism, visiting relatives, due to the large flow of people, a lot higher commercial value, for each layer in particular. "