Chicken farming can make money


is chicken, people naturally are not strange, however, under the historical heritage, there is a kind of new breed, which is capon. So, in the end is what kind of breed? Chicken farming can make money?

is a kind of special Capon’s chicken in South China folk, is the cock and the hen feeding after castration. This way of farming in China has had hundreds of years of history, the technology is still in the minority spayed hen Yi compatriots in Yunnan spread.

(native) compared with ordinary treat, after castration chicken did not smell, and more delicious. No castrated chicken, if the breeding cycle is short, the taste is not fragrant chicken, chicken meat feeding period is too long, and become old, not easy to chew, but need to go through the Capon for six months to one year, not only the taste of chicken flavor, and it’s fresh meat. Chicken farming can make money? In the light of cooking chicken processing, more prominent features of this kind of fresh sweet chicken, chicken is the best in the south, has been well received by people of all ages.

chicken farming can make money? The investment cost is low, only need to buy 1 – 2 day chicken, and raise their brood. Let the chicken feeding in the natural environment, using only the supplementary feed corn, wheat bran and bean cake and other food. After feeding for six months to one year’s income will be available, a hen in the general price of 60 to 80 yuan per kilogram, market prospect and economic benefit is very considerable.

it can be seen that, for most people, such a variety is still very strange, however, but also has a very large market. Therefore, if you are in the choice of breed, Capon is really a very good good choice.