Electric vehicle charging station market

no matter what kind of business we choose to invest, whether the market will naturally become an important factor to consider. So, electric vehicle charging stations have a market? Let us look at the analysis to see whether such business opportunities.

now, the electric car has become more and more people’s means of transport, but also a headache for power outages midway. If the electric car can be like a car, in the side of the road can quickly charge "refueling" how good!

in May this year, the Yangzhou Evening News published "Yang city quiet electric vehicle" gas station "" the manuscript; yesterday the reporter found that this electric car charging station "has appeared in the Yang city many kiosks, restaurants and car maintenance. In this regard, it was suggested that such a charging station is still too small, the best community, supermarkets, junctions and so on are matched, so that it is convenient, however, some people on this new thing can really promote doubt.

profit is not high only for sideline

yesterday morning, the reporters came to a nearby large electric vehicle charging station network. This is a restaurant, there is a similar light box outside the iron box, there is a slot and two charging connection are arranged below the display battery voltage and charging time information display; a handwritten Chinese characters is very striking: one yuan charge 10 minutes to walk 5-8 kilometers. According to the usage of the box, the charging device is used for 3 times.

shop owner Mr. Wang told reporters that the charging station is not long ago joined the business has been good. Although the profit is not high, but as a sideline, or satisfactory.

reporter visited a number of charging stations and found that they are sideline. Near a network in Huaihailu Road, is a bicycle repair center by mr.. He told reporters that the charging station business is not very good, every day to charge the more than and 10 people, plus a monthly rent of $200, to pay the electricity bill, it is impossible to make money by it". Allegedly, the reason to join the original, mainly want to provide convenience for everyone, but also for their own store publicity".

3 months under 26 outlets

Yangzhou’s first electric vehicle charging station responsible person Mr. Xu told reporters that the charging station is set at the end of March this year, the response was very good, a lot of people call for installation, there are many home kiosks, restaurants, car repair and maintenance shop to join. Currently, the city has 26 outlets.

Mr. Xu said that at the beginning, the charging station to see people who use less, business is very light, but then the customer gradually more up. He said that he is now charging station business is pretty good, a day when the income of more than 20 yuan,