Beauty up to people in the social media to make money will suck the eye for the suction power

now the network is developed, not all girls love in the social media drying out their beauty makeup or makeup video. This is a kind of entertainment, but many people do not think this is a powerful way to make money.

a 8 minute "PONY guards make-up method, single click promotion eyelids girls goddess" video on Tudou to reach 410 thousand. The reporter saw in the Internet, a number of PONY beauty video theme is make-up techniques, some daily life makeup, some of the parties and other special occasions to attend the evening makeup, some specifically explain how to draw Gianna Jun stars such as charming makeup etc..

in addition to publishing video website in the beauty video, she also with some makeup brands design makeup, one of her "beauty beauty story" four books sold 350 thousand copies, and she recently jointly launched the Korean beauty electricity supplier Memebox eyeshadow, Blusher disc, nail polish and other makeup products, these all the income.

beauty bloggers is going on with the video site revenue sharing? The British beauty video blogger anchal · Seda said, beauty video blog every harvest 1000 clicks, you can receive 4 pounds about. However, there are video site experts said that income is not so much, only 2 pounds, and YouTube and half.